Currently active error catchers (BETA).

Exception Catches Type Target Configuration parameter Inspectable
org.moskito.demo.burgershop.burgershopspring.service.InvalidIngredientException 0 EXCEPTION_BOUND MEMORY true
java.lang.IllegalArgumentException 54 EXCEPTION_BOUND LOGANDMEMORY IllegalArgExcLog true

Configuration and interpretation help.

Understanding the above table:

  • Exception - is class of exception to catch, or null or * for all.
  • Catches - number of exception catches by this catcher.
  • Type - type of the catcher, currently supported types are: EXCEPTION_BOUND: (one specific exception class), DEFAULT: all exceptions, CUSTOM: own implementation.
  • Target - Catchers target, can be log/memory or both or custom.
  • Configuration parameter - parameter that has been provided to catchers configuration, this can be logger name for example
  • Inspectable - if catchers keeps exceptions in memory, they are inspectable - the catcher can be clicked.

Check the field @errorHandlingConfig in the configuration section for information about currently configured error catchers. For more help on configuration options visit the configuration guide.